Effects of addiction


  Addiction can lead to death if left untreated! Their is help for addiction first you have to want it. You have to be the one that is ready to say i have had enough. Their are many types of addiction. The addiction that is most talked about is drug and alcohol. And in our opnion here at addiction outreach program it is the hardest two to overcome. But with the right support system and the willpower you can overcome addiction. It is not going to be easy but once you get through it and look back on your life when you were struggling with addiction and see how much more you enjoy life you will wonder why you ever got hooked.

   Now here at A.O.P we have a few ways that we approach people struggling with addiction. And it is different for everyone. We try and fit the right program into your life so you have the most success, and not only get clean but stay clean. One thing we strongly believe in here at A.O.P is talking to someone that has been where you are and has overcome addiction. We are not doctors we are a referral and support program. We will give you and your family all the support in the world and we will do our best to set you up for success. I have been where you are at I’ve been an addict and I have been a loved one of an addict. So I have seen it all. The high and the low. How it destorys families and ruins lives. I also know when you finally get your mind right the joy you get from it.There are things that we strongly believe works at overcomiing addiction. And we are going to give you the advice on how to what I like to call it reboot your brain. Change the way you think about your addiction! We will ask you to read some books most of them you just download they will help you so much.






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  Prescription drugs that are abused or used for non-medical reasons can alter brain activity and lead to dependence. Commonly abused classes of prescription drugs include opioids. (Perscribed to treat pain)  Central nervous system depressants ( perscribed to treat anxity and sleep disorders) and stimulants ( perscribed to treat ADHD)

. Street names
Commonly used opioids include oxycodone, oxycontin,hydrocodone,hydromorphine
Dilaudid! Common central nervous system depressants include barbiturates and benzodiazepines such as diazepam (valium) and alprazolam (xanax)

Long-term use of opioids or central nervous system depressants can lead to physical dependence and addiction.Taken in high doses, stimulants can lead to compulsive use, paranoia, dangerously, high body temperatures and irregular heartbeat.
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     Prescription medications such as pain relievers, tranquilizers, stimulants, and sedatives are very useful treatment tools but sometimes people do not take them as directed and may become addicted. Patients, healthcare professionals, and pharmacists all have roles in preventing misuse and addiction to prescription medications. For example when a doctor perscribes a pain medication, the patient should follow the directions for use, carefully learn the medication. Providers should note any rapid increases in the amount of a medication needed or frequent request for refills before the quantity prescribed should have been used, as these may be indications of abuse. And should communicate with the patient and start lowering there dose. You can’t just stop the medication it could end up leading to death.

Placing teens into treatment can be one of the most difficult tasks for placement. And now days teens are experminting with perscrption drugs more than ever. They are easy to get and conceal and hard for the parents to moniter. Plus they don’t understand how quick the drugs can grab ahold of you and take you down fast. We take great care in finding the perfect place for the youth. Families are really affected and need the comfort that they are sending there child to a safe place. We will educate you on each treatment center to the best of our ability, at the end of the day it’s up to the client to decide whats best. In addition to providing resources to the addict, we refer families to programs to help them as well.

Oxycontin, the brand name for a narcotic medication called oxycodone, is a type of opioid prescribed for moderate to serve pain, such as that caused by cancer, bone pain, burns, and other pain-related conditions. Oxycontin has a high abuse risk and due to the serious respiratory depression problems that can occur even at moderate doses, the drug also has a high risk of health-related complication- including death if notcarefully monitored. s oxycontin is intended to provide long-lasting pain relief, it is available in a time-release mechanism. To bypass the mechanism there are several methods that those who abuse drug employ to get a quicker, more potent high, oftenthey crush the oxy and snort the powder, others chew the pill, while others mix it with water and inject it intravenousley, abusing oxy can lead to severe interpersonal health consequences, and ultimately death,if left untreated. Many individuals operate under the erroneous belief that simply because a medication was prescribed by a physican, it is safe. This could not be further from the truth-many individuals who use prescription medication will not side effects that nearly outweigh the positive effects of the drugs. When it comes to drugs of abuse such as oxycontin, using more of the drug than directed or using it in a manner in which it was not intended for example, crushing it- can lead to very dire health consequences.

Causes Of Oxycodone Addiction

    Several causes for oxycodone use disorder have been hypothesized, many largely based upon what is known about the causes of addiction to opiates.
      Those who have family history of substance use disorders are more vulnerable to developing one of these conditions. Specifically those who have a first-degree relative who suffered from an opioid use disorder are at increased risk for developing oxycodone abuse or addiction.
Brain Chemistry-
     All opiates including oxycodone significantly affect the pleasure center of the brain. It’s been theorized that individuals who struggle with oxy abuse may have an inborn deficiency of these pleasure chemicals and self-medicate the symptoms of this deficiency using opioid narcotics.
    When people feel inundated by unpredictable, uncontrollable life events, often they experience an overwhelming sense of anxiety and hopelessness. Oxycodone can mask, decrease, or continued use, due to reluctance to re-experience their former distress.

Signs & Symptoms Of Oxycodone Addiction

    Symptoms of  oxycontin abuse will vary among users based upon genetic make up, length of addiction, frequency of use, and amount used. It will also vary depending upon other drugs that may be abused. the most common symptoms of oxycontin abuse include the following.

Mood Symptoms-

         Mood Swings    
         Behavioral Symptoms-
         Attaining multiple prescriptions for oxycodone
         Visiting multiple doctors for more prescriptions of oxy
         Disorganized thoughts or behaviors
         Becoming obsessed with the drug and thinking about it all the time
         Decreased ability to concentrate or maitain attention
         Social withdrawl and the loss of relationships due to drug use
         Secretly using the drug
         Hiding the drug in several places around the house




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