How addiction hurts family

  Addiction has a big impact on your family! Addiction ruins relationships,hurts children really bad. When it comes to your marriage it is never going to get what it should. The one that suffers from addiction is going to neglact the marriage and your spouse is only going to put up with so much. And what it does to children is terrible. For those two reasons alone if you struggle with addiction and you are married with children it is so important that you get help and get it right away. It is not fair to your wife or kids. And I am speaking from experience it happened to me. I finally opened my eyes but it might be too late. What addiction has done to our family weather it be me or my wife. We never gave our marrige a chance, and when it came to the kids they sufered so much and watched us argue so much. Looking back if we would of stopped before it got to where it did we would be living a great life. My wife and I went from best friends and soulmates. We could not spend a minute away from each other to we couldn’t stand to be around each other. The damage it caused was so much that I really don’t think we can ever get it back. We tried marriage counseling it helped but the things we said and did to one another while addicted was just to much. Even though both of you know you didn’t mean it,you can’t take it back the damage is done.

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  • Anger and resentment impede your ability to have a healthy relationship
  • Children are ultimately the one’s most affected by what’shapping
  • Promise to quit means nothing, action is what counts
  • Children od alcoholics or addicts are four times more likely to end up with an addiction themselves
  • 3 in 10 adults drink at levels that put them at risk of developing alcoholism, liver diseaseand other health related problems
  • Alcohol abuse or drinking to excess causes over 80,000 deaths a year in the US alone

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