I’ve had this dream since 2010! I finally have the time and resources to put this dream of helping people in need. I have a great deal of knowledge about addiction. Our staff also has the education. So as a team we will find the right plan that fits you. Our goal at Addiction Outreach is too help as many people change there lives and live a happy and healthy life.image Our online assistance is provided free of charge as a public benefit and all information received from those contacting us is confidential. Addiction Outreach service is designed to help addicts, alcoholics, chronic relapse victims and their families find effective treatment and intervention for addiction. We understand the complexity of successful treatment from addiction. Our staff reviews each individual case and provides information in order to place the person in need into the appropriate level of care. Our consultants strive to provide free substance abuse referral services to the public, reduce the stigma associated with addiction and support independent programs that maintain a standard of excellence throughout all our services. At A.O.P we will find effective affordable addiction treatment, detox, dual diagnosis centers or other behavioral treatment options for individuals or family members seeking drug and or alcohol rehabilitation treatment.
We can just walk you through the steps to locate the best treatment center for your needs. Please note that this service is free, we are not doctors here at A.O.P we give you the best advice we can to help you overcome this terrible disease of addiction. I have suffered from addiction myself and I have a wife that has suffered from addiction so we have been on both sides and know how the person feels that is addicted and the loved one feels dealing with the person addicted. Our best advice is to listen and learn from someone that has been there and has gotten through addiction. We will ask you to read some E-books through out the program but trust me they are very helpful and most if not all are able to be downloaded. We have quality options for you or your love one’s addiction. We will work closely with you to get you the help to live a life free from addiction. We will give you advice on how to work with your insurance company so you can get the help needed to get through this terrible disease of addiction. If your addiction warrants a hospital stay then we can refer you to the most appropriate centers available to help you with your addiction. Like I’ve said before we will find the best place that fits for you. You are the most important to us we want to make this program as comfortable as possible so you can get through this addiction with ease

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