Why do people get addicted

Addiction is a terrible disease! Their is treatment for addiction but first you have to really want it. Over the past few years you have been hearing about addiction in the news and on T.V. a lot more. Why do you think that is? In my opinion it has to do with perscription medicine and the abuse of it. Why do you think that is? I had never even heard of people taking pain medicine until around 2003. It is not the doctors fault they are doing what they can to treat their patients. I want to say it comes down to all the bogus pain management centers that opened up. And the street value of a pill and how sick you get when your addicted and it does not take long to get addicted. You take pain meds for over a week and thats it your hooked and you have to have them. And your going to do about whatever you have to in order to get them. So for about 12 years perscription medicine was just out of control. I believe they have it as close to under control as it’s going to get. With the strick rules and montiering from all envolved to get medicine. The doctors, pharmacy, DEA, the limit you can get, only being able to go o one pharmacy to get them. But the main reason is they stopped perscribing oxycodone 30mg. You can look at this a few different ways it sucks because the people that really need them can’t get them, and the addicts are going to find something and that is why you see herion on the rise. It’s cheaper their is plenty of it so what it boils down to is you will never force anyone to stop taking drugs it is a choice the person that is addicted has to make on there own and all you can do is support them the best you can when they are ready.

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Addiction grabs ahold of you so fast that you don’t even know that you are addicted before it’s to late. We teach our children not to use drugs because there bad for you. I think we need to start teaching our kids in middle school about adiction and how addiction can effect you health wise. A good example is with smoking you see on T.V. now the health effects of people that smoke and I think it works. I’m a smoker and when I see those commericals I want to quit and wish I never would of started. Earlier I said you never really heard about addiction and now you do. Their are a lot of commerical about treatment centers for addiction so I believe we are heading in the right direction. One thing I love is all the support groups that are popping up online now mostly in facebook groups but it’s a start. Have you ever gone in those groups and read some of the stories about what addiction has done to peoples lives. It’s sad but at the same time it is working.

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